“Whether we are brokenhearted, in love, or looking for someone to love, we should never let go of God's love, for it is the most constant and unending one.” - Ate Shannie
The true essence of love, courtship and marriage should dwell in God's presence. As Christians, we should not base our standards of love on the world's ideology but in God only. As Elder Sherwin said, “Love is supposedly your motivation to attend church.” He fearlessly articulated the DO's and DON'Ts of handling love, for everything has its limitations.
With youth's intensified state of emotions, Elder Sherwin ordered Nugen to increase our Emotional Quotient. He boldly commanded, “Kapag hindi na kaya ng EQ niyo, tumingin kayo sa pagmamahal.” We must look at courtship thru Biblical lenses—its intention must have the blessing of family and Church; it should be with utmost patience. If you're unsure, do not go towards marriage, for it is a forever commitment sealed by God that nothing could break. Hence, do not be in hurry, for God knows what is best for you.
The Nugen team was further reminded that our remaining journey in love and faith is still long, winding, and uncertain. But as long as we genuinely love and follow God despite any circumstance, we can go through every hurdle. As ate Wei stated, “If we take the risk of loving God, it will surely not disappoint us.”
We lift our praises to the Lord for successfully pulling off our F2F Winterfire 2023 after 3 years! We also extend our gratitude to Nugen team for the amazing camaraderie and teamwork. Much thanks as well to our beloved Pastoress Leslie Santos, Elder Weily Santos; to our event speaker Elder Sherwin Naculangga; to our EON Group Leader, Sis. Shannie Fabro; to Bro. Zildjian Santos and Sis. Porsche Santos; to all of our Event Facilitators and to all our 205 participants!
All glory belongs to God!
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