Our Worship Team knows the unrelenting fact that there exist far more skilled singers and band players who can obviously perform better than us. Thus, it is not the idea of parading God-given gifts to the crowd on that momentous night that excites everyone, but the expectation of being able to worship the Lord amidst His own congregation—without any form.

I.D.O.4. will simply guide the people to worship in all truths and with His Spirit.

We are simply an instrument whereby the Lord JESUS saving grace and mercy are able to reach out to those who are truly seeking for the reason why they live.

We ourselves are eager to focus on Him on each song, to make Him known to everyone while we clap and dance, to have our hearts melt as He gently passes among us.

Admin Leslie Santos

Worship Leader, JCTGBG Main Church



Yes Album


Moog Ko Album


Aking Dalangin




Unmoved Mover


Infinite Devotion