Pastors Conference 2022

For the first time in church history, Jesus Christ To God be the Glory held its Pastors Conference 2022 last October 11, 2022, at the Luxent Hotel, Quezon City. 205 pastors, preachers, and guests witnessed solemn ceremonies, awards, and birthday celebrations taking place in one evening.
Pastora Norma Santos opened the conference at 2 p.m. with a prayer and a welcome message to the Lord's ministers, who had finally gathered after years of only meeting digitally.
GGDAP 2022: Commitment to the Church, to the Ministry, to the Lord
Mass Ordination: Ceremony Worth the Wait
The signing of the Satellite Church General Guidelines and Disciplinary Action Policy (GGDAP) 2022, which will serve as both a guideline for each satellite pastor in tending to their own flock and an ethical guide to Christian living as Christ's ministers, marked the beginning of the conference. Then, Bishop Luis Santos—founder and Senior Pastor of JC-TGBTG—led the signing ceremony comprised of a signing, commitment pledge, and prayer of benediction. He also reminded the pastors and preachers of the importance of a unified church in keeping all the congregation in line with the church's mission and vision.
The ordination of 63 satellite pastors from local and international churches is the second and most important aspect of the ceremony. No distance nor discouragement could stop Bishop Luis Santos from ordinating pastors, some of whom had been appointed for over two decades and others who were attending via Zoom. Following Bishop Luis's sermon on the Pastoral Ministry, pastors were summoned to the front, where Bishop Luis spearheaded the ordination.
New Certificates, Same Old Covenant
Pastors who are already ordained were also given recognition and a new certificate of ordination to celebrate their service to the ministry. A total of 41 ordained pastors received their new certificates, presented by Bishop Luis and Pastor Norma.
Meanwhile, spouses of pastors who were faithfully assisting and working for the congregation were also given a Certificate of Appointment as Assistant Pastors of their respective localities. Furthermore, appointed pastors were given a certificate of appointment to mark their pastoral charge to their communities. In total, 54 pastors and assistant pastors were appointed.
Bible School Level 3 Graduates
After the ceremonies came the recognition of six diligent pastors that graduated from the three courses of JCTGBTG Bible School Level 3—Associate Pastor Ludwig Santos, Pastor Eduardo Iñigo, Pastor Geronimo Ege, Pastor Josegino Ergina, Pastor Florendo Barrameda, and Pastor Nilo Masing. The pastors studied Biblical Greek 1 & 2, New Testament Exegesis, and Advanced Hermeneutics for a year and a half.
Recognition of Servant Leaders
The fifth segment of the conference was the awarding of plaques of recognition to the selfless elders—Elder Rosario Bernardino, Elder Jovita Orlain, Elder Anicia Cahapay, and Elder Judith—who have relentlessly supported the church during the pandemic, and, of course, to the first family members, Elder Weily Santos, Associate Pastor Ludwig Santos, and Admin Leslie Santos.
In her speech, Admin Leslie Santos recognizes every individual that helped establish the GGDAP 2022 and the Pastors Conference 2022, and the attendees that made the event a success.
But the recognition and gratitude spirit did not end there. Moments after, Pastor Norma, who was celebrating her birthday on the exact date of the event, was given a surprise ordination ceremony to officialize her as the Assistant to the Senior Pastor.
Admin Leslie Santos was also ordained as the main church pastor, making her the fourth first family member to be a pastor. At this momentous juncture, the conference ended its first part.
Bishop and Pastor Norma’s Birthday Celebration
At exactly seven in the evening, The Luxent Ballroom turned into a dinner celebration place for Bishop Luis and Pastora Norma Santos’ birthday. Servants Force workers sent their greetings via video presentation. Some pastors shared their birthday messages during the celebration.
Through a video presentation, some pastors and co-servants described who Bishop and Pastora are in their lives, showing sincerest gratitude and love, and even sharing some quirky details about them that the congregation doesn’t usually see.
Later that evening, the Bishop and Pastora were joined by Admin Leslie, Pastor Ludwig, and Elder Weily in a living room set up to ask them questions about their life, love, and devotion to the church.
Before the celebration ends, all the attendees, as led by the Pastoral Committee, dedicate “A Million Thanks to You” and “Kasama Kang Tumanda” to the celebrants.
Truly, the Lord's grace and love were felt on the day of the event as His ministers gathered and glorified His name in unity and fellowship. To God be the glory!