Immerse yourself in the transformative power of worship and fellowship! Join us for our On-Site Worship Service on July 14, 9 am, at Cuneta Astrodome. We can't wait to worship with you!
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Church House Rules:

a) Gates open to the public one (1) hour before the Service starts. Only authorized workers are allowed to enter the venue early for the ingress.
b) Park at designated areas only. No reservation of parking. Please don’t leave your valuables inside your vehicles. JCTGBTG Church will not liable for any loss or damage.
c) No bringing of bulky items or heavy luggage inside the church venue. There are no baggage counters available.
d) No leaving of items in the care of our church workers (example at the Info booth, Lobby, Registration area, Bethesdan tent, etc.).
e) Bringing of food, colored drinks, alcoholic beverages is not allowed inside the church venue.
f) Eating is prohibited while service is on-going. But brethren with regular medications are exempted.
g) No Smoking inside the church premise.
h) No littering. Dispose of your trash properly. Always keep our Church surrounding clean.
i) No pets allowed.
j) SEATS ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS except for designated areas for specific workers.
k) Strictly no seat reservation especially IF THE PERSON IS NOT YET INSIDE THE VENUE. Service Operations team workers are authorized to order the removal of bags and other items being used for seat reservations.
l) Follow the designated seating areas as directed by our Assigned Faces.
m) Avoid disruptive and distractive noises.
n) No loitering. Avoid obstructing hallways and emergency exits.
o) Refrain from going to the restrooms while service is on-going especially during the Word of GOD. Everyone is expected to be seated comfortably before the Opening Prayer.
p) Keep all mobile phones and electronic/digital devices in silent mode during the service.
q) Facebook live and any unauthorized video recording (especially with the use of professional cameras, mobile phones, and gadgets) of the service program in part or in full especially the Word of GOD are not allowed without proper authorization fro Church Administration. There are Servants Force workers assigned to do this role. (Yupper/Nugen Core)
r) Avoid napping, unnecessary chatting, and use of mobile phones during service.
s) Wearing of cap and dark sunglasses while service is on-going is not allowed.
t) Pay close attention to the announcements and fervently pray for our guests during the Altar Call and Prayer of Acceptance.
u) Adhere properly to the Entrance and Exit procedures. Faces and Gideon will be your guide as you enter and leave the premises.