Friends Again Podcast Playlist

Episode 01: All You Need is Love

  • In this world, we have a lot of necessities that sustain our everyday lives. We are even earnestly searching for it to get fulfilled and satisfied. In this episode, let’s get to know why love is essential not only emotionally but more in spiritually.
  • Duration – 49:43

Episode 02: Three Dimensions of Thanksgiving    

  • Do we have an attitude of gratitude? Why do we have to give thanks? In this episode, we will get to know how God is pleased in thanksgiving as our Bishop deliver the three dimensions of thanksgiving.

Duration – 58:09

Episode 03: How Faith Works? (From: Dunk Your Problem)

  • Is there a right position for the prayer to be answered? Are we saying a proper prayer? In this episode, we are going to know how our God works in the midst of wilderness or in the season of dilemma.

Duration – 01:02:26

Episode 04: The Perfect Gift

  • Everyone loves to receive good gifts from anyone. But did we know we have received the Perfect Gift 4000 years ago?

Duration – 41:52

Episode 05: Lean on Me (From: Learning To Lean)

  • Whatever we do, we can’t handle things alone. We didn’t notice but what our hearts really need is just around the corner. In this episode, we will be encouraged to lean on Him whatever your burden is.

Duration – 35:42

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  1. Jacqueline Lovell

    Bishop Louie Santos is a great pastor, who is appointed by God to spread the gospel. Pray for his physical strength and boldness to preach the gospel of God without reservation.

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